This Herbal Tea Recipe Will Help You Drift Off Into Dreamland!

Do you often find yourself struggling to get the deep, restorative sleep that you need? Whether it's due to a stressful day or simply because you can't "turn off" your mind, sleeplessness can leave you feeling exhausted and worn down. Fortunately, natural remedies like herbal tea are an effective way to help soothe your body into a blissful slumber.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Love for Tea

In traditional Chinese medicine, tea is seen as a panacea for many physical ailments and can help to improve overall health. For example, drinking green tea has been linked to reduced inflammation, a lower risk of diabetes, improved blood sugar regulation, better heart health and increased weight loss. In addition, it can also support digestion and detoxification, while creating a sense of calmness by lowering cortisol levels. Tea is also thought to have an anti-aging effect by providing antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals and oxidative stress. Finally, drinking tea on a regular basis has been found to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer[1] due to its flavonoid content.

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Today we're highlighting one of our favorite calming herbal tea recipes that'll have you drifting off into dreamland in no time! All you need is Lily bulb, Jujube seeds, Arborvitae seeds, Lotus seeds and Chrysanthemum buds – easy to find at most health food stores, herbal stores or Asian supermarkets! Start by boiling all ingredients for 20 minutes, and strain herbs from the tea before enjoying it. You can even sweeten things up with a bit of honey or agave if desired.

Drift to Dreamtime Tea


〰️ Lily bulb: 10 pieces
〰️ Jujube seeds: 6 g
〰️ Arbovitae seeds: 1 g
〰️ Lotus seeds: 10 pieces
〰️ Chrysanthemum: 10-15 buds

〰️ Boil the herbs for 20 minutes
〰️ Strain it to separate the herbs from the tea

The Benefits of Each Ingredient

Lily bulb can help calm the mind, reduce anxiety and improve sleep. Jujube seeds are traditionally used for nourishing the heart, calming the spirit and inducing a restful sleep. Arborvitae seeds is also known to calm the mind and promote relaxation. Lotus seeds are said to benefit both physical and mental balance, promoting deep tranquility for better sleep quality. Chrysanthemum buds contain compounds[2] that can be beneficial for helping to promote relaxation and reduce insomnia symptoms. These herbs have been used in TCM for centuries to help promote feelings of calmness and improved sleep quality.

The result? A soothing blend to calm nervous energy and reduce stress - perfect for winding down your day and allowing your body to relax into a peaceful state of sleep.

Let’s Not Forget The Vital Role of Sleep Hygiene

woman covered in white blanket sleeping on white bed comforter

It's important to remember that the little things can make a big difference when it comes to sleep hygiene. Things like keeping your bedroom cool, completely dark, and technology-free can have an enormous impact on your ability to relax. Our signature herbal blend, Cloud Nine, will work synergistically to promote calmness, reduce stress, and encourage a good night's sleep while supporting a healthier circadian rhythm.

Final Thoughts

Tea is a powerful tool for improving overall health and well-being, with the potential to reduce inflammation, protect from oxidative stress, help regulate blood sugar levels and even reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. Our favorite calming herbal tea recipe combines classic Chinese herbs like Lily bulb, Jujube seeds, Arborvitae seeds, Lotus seeds and Chrysanthemum buds to create a relaxing and soothing evening ritual that you can enjoy daily. From promoting better sleep to boosting your immune system, this time-tested tea recipe will help you build healthier habits and restore balance in your life.


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2 Jae-Wook Kim, Jin-Yi Han, J. Hong, Rihua Li, J. Eun, K. Oh.(2011)."Ethanol Extract of the Flower Chrysanthemum morifolium Augments Pentobarbital-Induced Sleep Behaviors: Involvement of Cl− Channel Activation". 2/7/2023

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